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Discussion of Resource Inclusions (Lists of Groups and Organizations): All listings on this website are here for resource purposes only to inform people about what groups are available in the various environmentally related categories within a region.  Organizations, groups, businesses and more are put on here because they seem to fit the categories provided (wilderness, anti-pollution, botany, animal, animal shelter or rescue societies) and by bringing them categorically under one website roof it is hoped it will help people find each other to work together better for the improvement of the environment and the assistance and well-being of plants, animals and humans.  Inclusion of these listings does not in any way represent mutual endorsement or support.  In addition, all inclusions are provided with the focus on education and information, so freely provided.  Anyone who wants off these lists can easily be removed by writing in to  It is hoped that more people will write in adding their own special interest groups (or those they know about or think are applicable) so that this website becomes a really good resource for many different types of environmentally connected people.  The more we know about each other and network, the better it is for the environment and all of us. Terri 1/12/2015