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HEALTHY WILDERNESS  & THE ARTS                              

GREENING WAYS  supports a diversified orientation applicable to living and surviving on Planet Earth in such a way we do not wipe out non-renewable things and each other.  This means keeping nature intact whenever and wherever possible in the face of developing cities while supporting alternative energy solutions and their related jobs.  It means working with the ideas of peace and harmony, the diligent preservation of human dignity, the humane treatment of animals and holding dear our wilderness areas. RESOURCE SHARING,  NETWORKING,  IDEAS Greening Ways supports enhanced local self-sufficiency and economic mutuality while attempting to identify and share as many resources adhering to these concepts as possible.  It promotes intuitive sensitivity with creative and expansive thinking processes.  These in turn stimulate ideas for a better life while retaining our planetary well-being. HAVING A STRONG SENSE OF NATURE Nature    reminds    people    there    was    a    time    before    government    and    big business   control   systems.      During   early   hunting   and   gathering   eras,      people had   a   sense   of   wildness   and   open   spaces   with   freedom   to   roam.      There   was   a deeper   unity   with   animals,   plants,   the   land   and   the   natural   order   of   things.     Nature   reminds   us   there   is   something   larger   and   more   profound   than   the dictates of city organizational culture alone. BEYOND CONFLICT Environmental   focuses   often   seem   conflict-ridden   and   adversarial      with   the theme   Tree   Huggers   versus   Big   Business .      When   we   live   safely   in   cities   where the   water   and   power   run   at   the   push   of   a   knob   or   switch,   it   becomes   easy   to forget    what    life    is    like    in    the    raw    lane.        Those    who    feel    threatened    by environmental   approaches   often   feel   people   are   trying   to   take   things   away from   them   -   jobs,   their   way   of   life   and   even   a   sense   of   importance   in   contrast to animals, plants and nature in general.  A healthy planet is about them, too For Gentle Charm with Healthy Skies and Replenishing Waters .
Photo by Greening Ways
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