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updated 1/28/2015 Fracking Southwest, Four Corners Area & Beyond Resources/Groups to Counter Fracking Western Environmental Law Center Climate and Energy Program Director Phone: 575-770-7501 WildEarth Guardians Phone: 303-437-7663 San Juan Citizens Alliance Transwild Alliance EarthJustice Fracking in Colorado, Texas and beyond. Also covers rivers and water resources in Texas and/or that run from or into other states: Red River, Brazos River, Colorado River, Rio Grande, Pecos River, Lake Whitney, Red Bluff Lake. Also covers fraccidents (fracking acc idents or health related issues connected to fracking, gas wells, etc.) in Texas, San Juan County, New Mexico, Durango, Colorado and beyond. Source Watch Frack Swarm, portal of Source Watch, Colorado and beyond. Project of CoalSwarm and Center for Media and Democracy. Excellent run-down of various aspects of fracking. The Dangers of Fracking Excellent simple but effective pictorial run-down on the problems with fracking. Shows clearly how much water and chemicals go into the process as well as other serious aspects of fracking. Chaco Canyon Area Fracking See article Fracking Near Chaco Canyon by Hillary Johnson, Director of Communications, Western Environmental Law Center, p. 9, The Talon, January 16, 2015, PO Box 275, Aztec, New Mexico 87410 See also: Earth Works Action Chaco Alliance (protecting prehistoric Native American ruin site, Chaco Canyon, area from fracking, but also a good organization to know about for cultural resource protection in general)
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