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2019/12/10 See the following website: Progressive Cynic - Meet Excerpt: Many people connect progressivism with idealism, but I am of the opinion that this is a specious connection. Progressivism is purely a realist’s ideology and has been the driving force behind major sociatal changes in the past (ex. civil rights, environmental protections, etc.). Progressives seek to promote social reform, ensure that every citizen is given equal access to opportunity and implement a system of laws that will make our country successful in the long term. Unfortunately, the political environment in the United States has degraded to the point where the mainstream commentary on political occurrences is essentially worthless–the political mainstream is largely corrupted by moneyed interest groups and the media has utterly failed inform the public about this corruption. In the absence of informative mainstream media, it falls to alternative media, independent citizens and activists to keep the public informed as to the true going-on in society. I agree with the author, Joshua Sager, that many people do indeed confuse liberalism and progressive stances. Notice how he identifies social reform, equal access to opportunity and law creation for a successful country as central to progressive thinking. Regarding the media, this is central to concerns in Police Factor, the other blog/website I run, which has been taking up most of my time and attention. However, the environmental issues still remain important to me, especially those involving pollution and the destruction of our most basic life-required resources - water, air and soil. Without the building blocks of life, we cannot live and can permanently destroy the complex interconnections that create life. People will eat through house and home for money, starting with other people’s stuff first before reaching their own. We have to use a top down, systems based approach to fight large corporations by helping to create new memes and expectations about what is possible and what success looks like. We also need to create more immediate routes to income which match what people receive from the deleterious aspects of big industry. Whether discussing police work or the environment, we must have an honest media system in which omission or direct lying to the public, whether from officials or the media, is not acceptable.