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To Ease Homelessness: The Cup Half Full, Not Half Empty Easy Does It Rekindling the Spark Different Strokes for Different Folks A Gentle Charm Parallel Work Law and Order General Overview The idea in general is to bring the entry level jobs back from foreign countries, (particularly adversarial ones, or those excessively competitive with American interests). It is also to apply a patient, simpler and unique approach to different types of people. Consider that the homeless often have gifts, abilities and insights. Have a multifaceted work opportunity with actual work paychecks running alongside homeless help services. A gentle charm refers to non-bureaucratic approaches utilizing ideas of aesthetics, nature and a homey-style feeling. Law and order is needed since many off the streets (but most certainly not all) are troubled people with behavior disorders requiring a line drawn on if things get quarrelsome, disruptive or violent. This includes professional security around the homeless services premises. The flip side of law and order is multi-tiered oversight of the people who handle homeless social services. Oversight of management and security themselves are needed to offset any possible abuse and corruption that can show up in social services settings. Rekindling the Spark See also Vision - Spark This includes Therapy. In addition to any professional counseling, hobby therapy might be helpful - see more below. Therapy Alongside Coming Out of Homelessness and Poverty. Catching the drift - not a comprehensive list. Hands-On Therapy o Arts Therapy: Clay, Paint, Music, Pantomime o Repair/Construction Therapy: Tiny House Construction, Automobile Repair o Kits Therapy: Historic Relic Ships or Cars o Food, Cooking and Nutrition Therapy o Sewing, Knitting, Crochet Therapy o Gardening, Organic Farming Pet Therapy
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