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RENEWABLE ENERGY FOUR CORNERS & VICINITY NEWS/ARTICLES Solar Array - Silver City, NM Silver City, New Mexico solar array. Excerpt from article: “The solar array project is now the third largest municipal use of solar power in the state - behind only Santa Fe and Taos, according to Mike Sauber, an energy efficiency and renewable energy specialist with the town's Joint Office of sustainability.” solar-array-will-save-silver-city-millions Green Revolution Gained Momentum May 2013 Green Candidats Sweep LPEA Vote House ups renewable power mandate mandate States buffeted by turbulent wind industry Renewable energy needs way into grid Interior approves 3 renewable sites in west INFORMATIVE - FOUR CORNERS Four Corners Sustainable Futures Sustainable San Juan Info INFORMATIVE - GENERAL (APPLIES TO VARIOUS AREAS) Chevron on renewable energy Chevron on renewable energy or What is renewable energy? What is wind power and how does it work? How do wind turbines work? How does solar power work? How do solar panels work?
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