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GMOs (GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS) Food Democracy Now! New Mexico Excerpt from their website: “I Support GMO Labeling in New Mexico! Right now in Santa Fe, S.B 18, a bill to label genetically engineered foods, has been introduced in the New Mexico legislature and thousands of mothers, farmers and activists across the state are joining together to show their support! Citizens in 62 other countries enjoy the basic right of knowing if their food has been genetically engineered, but for the past 20 years Americans have been denied this basic democratic right. Already the opposition is working behind the scenes and we need your help today! If passed, New Mexico would become the first state in the U.S. to require mandatory labeling of GMOs in our food. At the moment, 13 new GMO crops are awaiting approval at the USDA, including Dow Chemical’s 2,4-D Agent Orange corn and the “botox” GMO apple. At the same time, the FDA is getting ready to approve genetically engineered salmon. If approved, Aquabounty’s GMO salmon would be the first genetically engineered animal allowed on the market and it would appear on your plates unlabeled! With your help, we can change that! Join us to help make GMO labeling a reality in New Mexico!” GMO Free Verde Valley Arizona This is a group formed in Arizona. Here is an informative excerpt from their website: “Welcome to GMO~Free Verde Valley Arizona Located in Central Arizona, the Verde Valley encompasses several communities: Camp Verde, Cottonwood, Cornville, Rimrock, Village of Oak Creek, Beaver Creek, Clarksdale, Jerome, and Sedona. We are a non-partisan and non-denominational group and are willing to speak to any group on the subject of GMO's in our communities and beyond. We all have this in common: we all eat food. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Other names for the process include Genetic Engineering (GE) or Genetic Modification (GM), which are one and the same. Picture As a member of the Institute for Responsible Technology's (IRT) Non-GMO Tipping Point Network, our goal is to help educate individuals and families about the health benefits of eating non-GMO food and the risks and dangers of consuming GMOs. We assist consumers in identifying options to help them decrease and/or eliminate eating Genetically Engineered foods, and increase healthy and wholesome foods. When just 5% of consumers in the United States shift from a GMO product to real food — the food industries decreases and eventually will stop making/selling these products. It's simple really; our dollars are votes — the makers of GE foods won't continue with products they can't sell. This is the Tipping Point. Currently foods that contain GMOs are not required by our FDA to be labeled — our goal is to have ALL foods that are Genetically Engineered in any way to be labeled. We believe we all have a RIGHT TO KNOW what we are eating and what we are feeding our families. We hope you will advocate with us to have our foods labeled.” YES ON 105 - Colorado Right to Know Colorado GMO has launched a grassroots campaign to achieve mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods or GMOs across the state. Our movement is built on the foundation that we have the basic right to know what is in our food and what we are feeding our families. This campaign gives Coloradans the opportunity to make informed decisions about their diet, health, and general lifestyle. Food labels list and describe nearly every detailed component of the food product, from the caloric values and processing information, to the fat and protein content and the known allergens. Adding a simple label for GMO ingredients would fulfill Colorado consumers’ right to know, enabling them to make educated food purchases and dietary choices for themselves and their families. Vote YES on Prop 105! -- See the full text of Prop 105 here.