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UPDATED 11/28/2017 minor font changes; 11/24/2014 ANIMAL Resources, Various Miscellaneous Topics Articles: Are Animals Conscious? Jicarilla Mustang Heritage Alliance Group News on Farmington, NM Animal Shelter What Do Wolves Mean for Colorado? The Intelligence of Fish Issue of Unadoptable Feral Cats Books Magazines Links DVDs See also regional shelters: Wolves General MISCELLANEOUS - ARTICLES, NOTES, etc. Article: “Wild horses: Mustang alliance discusses BLM Jicarilla management alternatives.” 11/23/2012. By Lauren Duff Tri- City Tribune. Jicarilla Mustang Heritage Alliance group formed by the Four Corners Equine Rescue created to educate the public on the wild mustang gather and to attract adopters once the horses are removed from the territory Front Page. Article: “What do wolves mean for Colorado?” 2/14/2010. By Michelle Nijhuis High Country News (full article) Article: “Are Animals Conscious? May-June 2013 pp 2-3. By Karlene Stange, DVM Epic magazine. Excerpt: “The good news is that on July 7, 2012, at the Francis Crick Memorial Conference in Cambridge, research on consciousness in human and non-human animals was presented by a group of prominent international neuroscientists, and a declaration in favor of animal consciousness was made....” article goes on to discuss several points made. Articles on Farmington Animal Shelter “County will increase funds for shelter services by $100K.” Front page. By Ryan Boetel. Farmington Daily Times. 6/6/2013 “Plans OK’d. City accepts bid for new animal shelter.” Front page. By Debra Mayeux. Tri-City Tribune. 11/30/2012. “Happy for the help. Echardt will oversee shelter management.” Front Page. By Debra Mayeux. Tri-City Tribune. From article: “A nationally recognized animal sheltering consultant was contracted Nov. 20 to provide services to the Farmington Animal Shelter. Marcy Echardt, a resident of southwest Colorado, will provide shelter management consulting services to the city of Farmington.” June 17 note on Farmington Animal Shelter This note was also presented on the Messages board in the About Section on June 17th. This website believes in a save animals/no euthanasia approach. You will notice, however, there are some animal control facilities included on here, including one in Farmington, NM in which animals unfortunately are regularly put to sleep. Shelter only - not euthanasia - is the approach here. Greening Ways believes in saving lost and homeless animals and not putting them to sleep. There was an incident recently in Farmington in which a dog was put to sleep far too quickly after his capture - if the news is correct, within a day. This is horrible. The owner had lost control of his dog for one day, and the dog was caught by the Farmington Animal Shelter and put to sleep the next day. The owner plain and simply was not given time to come up with the money or to make arrangements to get his dog back. The City of Farmington employee who handled the whole dog issue in this case really was negligent and immoral on all levels, if the news story is correct. See below. The article indicates that perhaps the new Animal center will treat animals better. The Animal Human center in Durango is a no kill facility and is strongly recommended. They honestly try to make sure all animals go to good homes and they try to monitor abuse of animals in the community and surrounding areas. It is too bad Farmington has not taken on that approach. This particular writer feels that the situation surrounding the dog Bear in this article is in fact a type of murder. The dog was put down far too quickly and for the wrong reasons. It is likely, as the owner had indicated, that the dog had acted aggressively because of fear; there was not enough time given to get to know the dog. Article: “Woman saddened by Farmington Animal Control’s treatment of her family’s dog” p. 6 by Debra Mayeux, The Talon. 6/1-15 2013. Article: The Intelligence of Fish Research has suggested that fish are very intelligent and with their own type of consciousness. People probably do not give these animals enough credit. Deep Green Revolution p. 47 (Books): As scientific research has recently confirmed, fish are highly intelligent and social animals. Dr. Culum Brown of the University of Edinburgh writes, ‘In many areas, such as memory, their cognitive powers match or exceed those of ‘higher’ vertebrates, including non-human primates.’ Doctor Brown, along with Doctors Kevin Laland and Jens Krause, go on to say that ‘ fish are steeped in social intelligence, pursuing Machiavellian strategies of manipulations, punishment and reconciliation, exhibiting stable cultural traditions and cooperating to inspect predators and catch food.’ Furthermore, they recognize their ‘shoal mates’ (that is, their friends) and have long-term relatinships, follow the social prestige and relationships of others, and build complex nests. Of course, the rich social lives of fish - the researchers above use the word ‘ culture’ - are ignored by those who facilitate their industrial decimation.” Bottom trawling (Deep Green Revolution, p. 46) kills large numbers of fish and other sea life while tearing up the sea bottom. The book describes how many types of fish have either gone extinct or are on the verge because of the growing hunger for seafood. Trawling is highly destructive and just plain and simply does not play fair; it is similar to a hunter sitting in his truck driving through herds of deer and antelope, shooting from the comfort safety of his vehicle seat. Article: Roam Free or Die? The Search For a Humane Solution to Unadoptable Feral Cats. By Lisa Grace Lednicer, w Journal: WP, 2/9/2014 BOOKS Bears Bear Aware: Hiking and Camping In Bear Country Author: Bill Schneider 1996, Falcon Publishing, ISBN: 1-56044-456-8 Cat Family The Big Cats and Their Fossil Relatives Author: Alan Turner, Illustrations by Maricio Anton 1997, Columbia University Press, ISBN: 0-231-10228-3 Dogs The Hidden Life of Dogs Author: Elizabeth Marshall Thomas 1993, Houghton Mifflin Company, ISBN: 0-395-66958-8 General How Animals Grieve Author: Barbara J. King 2013, University of Chicago Press, ISBN: 978-0-226-43694-4 Wolves The Hidden Life of Wolves (Hardcover) Authors: Jim Dutcher, Jamie Dutcher. Foreword: Robert Redford Of Wolves and Men Author: Barry Holstun Lopez 1978, Charles Scribner’s Sons, ISBN: 1-684-15624-5 The Wolf Almanac Author: Robert Busch 1995, The Globe Pequot Press, ISBN: 1-55821-351-1 Wolves (Paperback) Author: Seymour Simon Coyote: Seeking The Hunter In Our Midst From Inside Front Cover: “Reid alerts us to the extraordinary story of evolution in action unfolding under our very noses, the story of an animal that is a ‘mix of wolf and coyote, old and new, necessary and fierce and wily.’ As Reid’s beautifully grounded writing shows, the eastern coyote in its hundred-year migration from the western plains to New England has picked up wolf DNA and a little-understood combination of coyote and wolf behaviors. The eastern coyote typically weights considerably more than its western cousin; many are well over fifty pounds.” Author: Catherine Reid ISBN: 0-618-32964-I MAGAZINES, JOURNALS Bioscience AIBS - Advanced research and education in the biological sciences Conservation Publication of the University of Washington Conservation Biology Society for Conservation Biology ISSN: 0888-8892 (print) 1523-1739 (online) Email: cs-journals@wiley.coms Earth Island Journal News of the World Environment Earth Island Institute EarthShare Ecological Applications Ecological Socity of America ISSN: 1051-0761 Audubon Email: Audubon& Nature - International Weekly Journal of Science Wildlife Monographs: Supplement of the Journal of Wildlife Management National Wildlife - National Wildlife Federation LINKS Defenders of Wildlife International Society for Endangered Cats Wildlife Conservation Society Wildlife Conservation Network World Wildlife Fund DVDS National Geographic: The Wildlife Collection (2006) David Attenborough Wildlife Specials (2008) Wild America: Wild Wings (2001) Marty Stouffer (Director) Living with Wolves/Wolves at Our Door (2005) Liev Schreiber (Actor), Jamie Dutcher (Actor) Growing Up Wild Cats (2010) Animal Planet (Actor), Cory Taylor (Director)
Sea turtle North Shore Island of Oahu, Hawaii. Photo courtesy of Michael Aguiar