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Skip commentary area and go down to list of connecting for conservation groups and agencies SOUTHWEST AREA Below is a growing list of groups which have shown an interest in working together or who have a collaborative approach. This list was started in consideration of a seminar called “Connecting for Conservation Workshop for Facilitating and Supporting Partnerships Now and Into the Future” held at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado on May 20 and 21, 2014 in support of the work and intention of that workshop to encourage networking and information awareness and to make it clear that there are groups actively seeking collaboration. It should be noted, however, that most environmentally oriented groups support mutuality. This list could probably include almost everyone involved in environmentalism. Some groups, however, seem to have more of an umbrella orientation in terms of being able to handle and direct broader level inter-organizational activities and public contact. This can include things like education and awareness raising campaigns. LIST OF CONNECTING FOR CONSERVATION GROUPS AND AGENCIES This group of agencies and private organizations was identified as supporting the above-mentioned workshop by being listed on the poster: Mountain Studies Institute San Juan Mountains, Colorado (970)382-6908 Colorado Parks and Wildlife ERO Resources Corporation US Forest Service US Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management OTHER RESOURCES VARIOUS AREAS Fort Lewis College - Durango, Colorado Southwest Studies Prescott College Durango Nature Studies Conservation Colorado The Nature Conservancy - Arizona Willow Bend Center - Flagstaff Arizona Connecting Conservation Conservation Connects updated 5/28/2014