reening Ways         for earth-wise days
Life is made of more than the simple things we see. That magical thing we call Life is more than the parts put together alone. Weary, weathered, toiled and torn, the human spirit finds itself a spark amidst the muck.
VISION Heightened Awareness
UPDATED 3/2/2014
Organize from what holds you back.  Sense the transience of the material world.  What seems smart today could be a relic tomorrow.  Whittle things down to bare bone essence and highest truth.  Get to the nugget of what is most important and meaningful to you.   Keep it simple, less is more, seek quality and not quantity.  Shake loose the trivial and trendy glamour.
Photo by Greening Ways
Maintain the sense of playfulness found in children Keep the trees, stay happy.  Flow with nature, don't wipe it out.  Take time to smell sweet natural things.  Learn to do business with a sense of the universe.       Work elegantly with less, make it exquisite.  Walk with a gentle footstep, build with an even softer one.  Talk to nature with your heart spirit.   Know your limits.  Take care of yourself.  
updated 11/16/2017
Photo by Greening Ways