reening Ways         for earth-wise days
THE NATURAL WORLD IS PRECIOUS Keep the Original Trees Whenever Possible Consider keeping the natural trees and other vegetation when developing land. Trees matter. Once they are gone, they are gone forever, along with an interconnecting network of living things which have developed together in that area for a long time.
D O I N G .....  WHOLE LIFE APPROACH TO BEAUTY AND THE ARTS, SCIENCES AND EARTH-WISE ACTION  Health and Vitality.  Natural areas probably have life force or vitality good for humans and other life; having a generous amount of natural area material left around cities and homes is good for people.  Cities attuned to nature and beauty while promoting a wise use of the arts and sciences foster a positive orientation for themselves and the entire planet. Urban sprawl is ugly.  Protect natural forests and ecosystems -  respect all of life. Collaborating.   Sharing ideas between cities and regions; cooperating with other earth-wise companies, organizations and individuals to foster region-wide strength and organization.    Sensitizing.   Promoting overall life themes which encourage a heightened sensitivity to the natural world: architecture, art, music, archaeology, geology, botany, bicycling and more.    Creating Jobs.   Encouraging an aesthetically pleasing region while supporting local jobs.  Promoting the idea that the natural world can be retained as much as possible in a developing city and is an asset.   Helping people understand that it is not an either/or problem, but that keeping nature around does help the economy of the area because it draws and keeps people more likely to be consciously interactive with the global big picture and focused on innovative long-term solutions.  This in term helps create a sustainable income base because people are thinking smart, not just reacting or working with crisis management concepts.  It is also creates a sustainable psychological and sociological space for human growth, health and well-being which keeps people engaged and committed to maintaining and promoting positivity for themselves and others in the area.  The success and happiness of each individual translates to the success and good vibes of the area as a whole.  Every Day is a New Day, We All Make Mistakes, Keep Trying The main thing is to start being earth sensitive and astute from wherever we are at today.   Use time wisely on this earth to be sustainers and planters rather than takers and trampers.